The Good Business Club


There’s no doubt that business is a powerful force for change and it shapes our world for the better or worse. So why not harness the power of business for good, creating purpose-led businesses that directly benefit people and planet, as well as make money.

Imagine whole cities where all businesses are working towards a social goal - it would create transformational societies.

That’s why we are building this movement, to make change happen, through doing ‘Business for Good’.

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Who is in the Club?

Our members include people from all walks of life and work experiences from entrepreneurs starting up or running purpose-led businesses, to individuals who have left the corporate world to share their skills with others, as well as local businesses who want to lend resources and time to others.

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We help change-makers start up, grow and support purpose-led businesses.

We connect members to each other, resources and opportunities

We offer bespoke business support through advice, training and peer-support sessions

We amplify members messages through our network

We think businesses with purpose-led models are the future. If you do too, join us and let’s move ‘Business for Good’ forward in Brighton and Hove.

The Good Business Club is a Community Interest Company - A Social Enterprise.

We exist to support our members and use all the membership fees to cover our time and costs to create, coordinate and deliver our offering to our members.